Festivals and other updates

I’m going to be performing at a couple of upcoming festivals – The Glasgow Comedy Festival in March (buy tickets here) and, for the first time, The Mach Comedy Festival in April (tickets here) On top of that I have a preview of my brand new show all the way in May at Angel Comedy at The Bill Murray (info here)

As well as that, episode 5 of Mythsteries is out and this month – curses! Mummies! Rasputin! Bredan Fraser!




Weirdos Christmas Panto!


Obligatory Pantomime post. If you have yet to buy a ticket or have never experienced a weirdos panto, it’s an absolute must. This year we’re filling out the wonderful Leicester Square Theatre.  Apart from being a larf, all the money will go to sick children. SICK. CHILDREN. Buy a ticket, come along, feel some lovely magical Christmassy warmth inside yourselves.

Buy tickets here




The Mythsteries Podcast – Episode Three

Mythsteries is finally back!  This time Eleanor and Will and at The Hunterian Museum looking at a lot of pickled things in jars and asking – what is Spontaneous Human Combustion? Did a woman really give birth to dozens of rabbits? And what’s up with Trump’s hair?