Animal Antics for Horrible People.

Feeling  personally insulted by a particular species? Get your revenge art style. Open for commissions. Past works include beating a beaver to death with a golf club, round-housing a horse and berating a whale

3rd May 2015

@markus2604 patriotically attacks noble eagle

American Eagle 001

@TheGSR1 cleans up Capuchin monkey problem

Bruce Morton Capuchin monkey 001

@tomo4242 pelts platypus with tinned tomato goods

Duck Bill Alex Tomlin 001

@perratt87 fights back from the jaws of death

Shark 001


@Daniel_Sloss has Victorian fisticuffs with Ostrich SlossOsctrich 001


29th August 2014

@filmfan1971 Rocketeer uses jetpack to burn lion lion 001

@Ceekwhy struggles with erotic asphyxiation of Narwhal

narwal 001

@DuglasTStewart’s Fox purse takes revenge

fox necklace 001

@Dirkus17’s Hippo wears souvenir t-shirt after lovely meal

Hippo t-shirt 001

@papsby versus Octopus

octopus gun 001

@soundoutron uses live butterfly as bowtie

ronnie bowtie 001

@MichaelJDolan interrogates horse

Dolan 001
















18th July 2014

@killforaseat finds new snack-holder use for pesky garden squirrels

Silky Squirrel 001

2nd June 2014

@Owen_McGuire attempts to out-stare battle- scarred ostrich in staring competition

Owen and ostrich 001

@CMcNT enjoys blob fish as tasty dessert


@kbkeane hunting prowess creates ultimate trophy animal

Rhioffalo 001



18th May 2014

@Jackson5minus4 laughs cruelly at sad early 90’s foxes hit by recession.

Sad Foxes 001




30th March 2014

@Greeny_79 ‘s snake knot admits harsh truth

Snake knot 001

@johnpaddy2150 tries hugs to pacify vampire rabbit. Does not work.

vampire bunny 001

@jmartlew confuses the words ‘wall’ and ‘walrus’

Walrus 001

@katie_khan defeats giraffe in karate

Giraffe Katie khan 001

@paulbelmontesli crushes wasp in both body and spirit

Owl wasp 001

@numbereleven admires drop kicking rat handy work whilst wearing cool hat

Goalpost rat 001

@mattywin85 shows goat his wrestling prowess

matt and goat 001

@GICFstuart taunts chicken with its own reproductive failings

Stuart and chickens 001


7th March 2014

@shamblesmiller stamps sword through T-Rex head in MAJESTIC manner.

Shambles Miller 001


17th February 2014

001 Platypus thinks @joehulliat’s Scotsquad is shit, is ninja-starred

003@andrewlearmonth is jealous of robin’s superior Donatello costume

002@juliacloughly simply requested ‘a unicorn with a bunch of flowers’.

1st February 2014

Hugh Morton is distraught as a a swarm of Woodcocks attack the thing most precious to him – himself


21st January 2014

@KeironNicholson gives the finger to deep-sea life formKeiron

Niall Niall McCamley @SpookSchool loses in shirtless jelly wrestling after Koala resorts to dirty moustache pulling tactics.

20th January 2014

@BenVerth is tough on Junkie Camel

Ben Verth

@BlakeBacklash uses live croc as punchbag


@GarethWaugh beats a thug giraffe – at chess

Gareth Waugh

@AlexBoyd lowers Panda’s self esteempanda

       6th January 2014: @BigGaryLittle has just scalped Boris Johnson and @WillNaameh strangles an invisible swan

                 2014-01-06 21.09.50

                      2014-01-06 21.10.27

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