Eleanor Morton’s top 5 plagues of all time

I take you on a magical tour of disease

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eleanor morton edinburgh fringe

Eleanor Morton has emerged this year as one of our favourite comedy acts around, with an endearing, awkward quality that is fun and silly and other great things.

She’s heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with her new show Allotted Mucking Around Time, which says will feature heavily with rats.

I used to have a rat. His name was Indy, and he was lovely. Which is why I’m glad to present Eleanor’s favourite plagues, and explain how they were not all entirely down to the lovely fluffy things.

Ahhh disease. Long thought to be bad for us, disease has shaped history, culture and even fashion for the last two thousand years. And who is normally blamed the spread of dirt, filth and illness? It’s our humble friend, the rat. Since my show features my own run-ins and relationships with rats, I thought I’d give my rundown on the…

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