Weirdos Christmas Panto!


Obligatory Pantomime post. If you have yet to buy a ticket or have never experienced a weirdos panto, it’s an absolute must. This year we’re filling out the wonderful Leicester Square Theatre.  Apart from being a larf, all the money will go to sick children. SICK. CHILDREN. Buy a ticket, come along, feel some lovely magical Christmassy warmth inside yourselves.

Buy tickets here




The Mythsteries Podcast – Episode Three

Mythsteries is finally back!  This time Eleanor and Will and at The Hunterian Museum looking at a lot of pickled things in jars and asking – what is Spontaneous Human Combustion? Did a woman really give birth to dozens of rabbits? And what’s up with Trump’s hair?

Countdown to The Fringe

The countdown to Edinburgh has begun. Depending on when you decide to start counting down. I’m doing a birthday party for my fringe show, you’re all invited (Not you, Greg). I have three more previews coming up:

14th July Machine No.3, London

17th July Comedy In The Yurt, St. Albans

31st July The Stand Comedy Club,  Edinburgh

Other Fringe News

This year although I’m only doing two weeks of my show, I’ll be in Edinburgh all month (getting money off my mum, annoying my sister, etc) and I’ll also be a key member of  Comedian Cinema Club at The Tron, as well as returning to  The Weirdos Harry Potter Night, and popping up in numerous other shows.


Eurgh, you guys, promotion is really hard. Eczema is flaring up bad today.