Better Together at The Brockley Jack

Guys, the play I’m in opens on Tuesday. I’ve got LOADS of words and I play a Yes voter, it’s been really hard to get into character. Come and see me doing proper acting and stuff

Ticketing is confusing – the dates are in blocks of four

New Photos And Sturff

Some lovely new photos by my friend Ana Pio, who’s currently finishing her amazing  film ‘Eden’


Secondly, myself, Will Seaward and Matt Highton have started an exciting new podcast, The Mythsteries Podcast, where we’ll be having on location discussions about the myths and mysteries of Britain – episode one, haunted houses! Our first episode should be out by the end of April, stay tuned for more.

Tour! (A bit)

I’m touting Allotted Mucking Around Time around the UK – one show per country:

Swansea, 16th January:

A Weirdos Welsh Festival

Leicester, 20th February :

Part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

Belfast, 21st February:

Glasgow, 27th March :

Double bill with Joz Norris and part of Glasgow’s International Comedy Festival



This week The Weirdos will be performing our Xmas Panto (recommend by The Guardian and Timeout and others!) at the Heroes Grotto at Throgmorton’s, London – tickets are almost gone but there are a few left for Tuesday and Wednesday! All profit goes to Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital, like Peter Pan would’ve wanted.


Last week I recorded ‘Breaking The News’ with BBC Radio Scotland – listen here:

I’ll be supporting Stewart Francis in Inverness, Mussleburgh and Falkirk next week:


And I’ll be taking part in The Stand Xmas Lectures Dec 19th back in Edinburgh – I did an interview with The Skinny about it here –




I’ll be performing ‘Eleanor Morton: Allotted Mucking Around Time’ on Sunday October 4th at The Museum Of Comedy. Come! Come along!

Praise for Allotted Mucking Around Time: “Eleanor Morton’s uncanny comedy is intelligent, enjoyable and very funny” – TV Bomb “A perfectly formed, awkward hour of social ineptitude” – ★★★★ Broadway Baby “A wonderfully whimsical experience” – ★★★★ Three Weeks “Beautifully surreal” – ★★★★ Fringe Monkey “A definite star in the making” – ★★★★ One4Review

Eleanor Morton: Edinburgh Fringe 2015 interview

Laugh Out London comedy club - best value live comedy in London

eleanor morton edinburgh fringe

Edinburgh native Eleanor Morton will feel at home at the Festival as she takes her new hour of silly, ukulele-backed fun to The Stand.

Hello. How are you today?

I’m fine thanks, how are you guys? Just watching Forensic Files with my flatmate

Are you ready for another month of Edinburgh Fringe action?

I think so. Ready enough. I could be rehearsing my show, but Forensic Files ain’t gonna watch itself. I still need to get flyerers, but that’s mostly cos I can’t bear to part with another £300

At this stage, how closely does your programme blurb match the content of your show?

Noooott veerrry. Lots of promised material has changed. But in essence it’s still the same, and I’d be pretty surprised if anyone complained.

What are your tips for getting people to see your show?

Pay obscene amounts of money to have your face on buses and…

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Eleanor Morton’s top 5 plagues of all time

I take you on a magical tour of disease

Laugh Out London comedy club - best value live comedy in London

eleanor morton edinburgh fringe

Eleanor Morton has emerged this year as one of our favourite comedy acts around, with an endearing, awkward quality that is fun and silly and other great things.

She’s heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with her new show Allotted Mucking Around Time, which says will feature heavily with rats.

I used to have a rat. His name was Indy, and he was lovely. Which is why I’m glad to present Eleanor’s favourite plagues, and explain how they were not all entirely down to the lovely fluffy things.

Ahhh disease. Long thought to be bad for us, disease has shaped history, culture and even fashion for the last two thousand years. And who is normally blamed the spread of dirt, filth and illness? It’s our humble friend, the rat. Since my show features my own run-ins and relationships with rats, I thought I’d give my rundown on the…

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